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Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and i'm not sure about the former.
- Albert Einstein

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LaTeX codes

[2017-05-13] A pretty comprehensive list of LaTeX codes is found at List of LaTeX symbols.

New website for Mossbauer fitting program Fit;o)

[2011-02-28] The new website for Fit;o) is at www.fit-nice.eu. Please visit and spread the link, and update your bookmarks.

tvass.eu: A new website and blog for how to do stuff....

[2011-02-28] I have recently lauched a whole website (www.tvass.eu) to mirror the content of my technical blog at new blog site (myhowtodoit.blogspot.com). Please visit and spread the link.

Debian blog articles here on this page...

[2010-11-06] As earlier mentioned I have recently lauched a new blog site. I have now decided to feature the articles that I write in that blog here on this page as well.
So here is the first paper in the series on running and configuring a Debian server on a Linksys NSLU2: How to install debian on the NSLU2.

The my-how-to-do-it

[2010-10-25] I have recentely launched the my-how-to-do-it blog, where I am blogging about all sorts of technical stuff, Bebian linux, backup systems and tips and tricks. Please visit and get some inspiration or find out "how I did it" :-)
The first content on the blog is a series of article-snippets describing how to install Debian linux on the Linksys NSLU2 and to use it as home data center.

Phoenix Mars Lander lands on Mars tomorrow!

[2007-05-24] Tomorrow (sunday 25-05-08) the space probe Phoenix lands, if all goes well on the north pole on Mars. This is a very exiting landing, as the area where Phoenix is intended to land in, most likely is rich in water ice, and a large part of the investigations are related to the search for life. read more on [www.nasa.gov/phoenix] and [www.nbi.ku.dk/mars].
Articles on Phoenix: #1 videnskab.dk, #2 Ingeniøren.
Video : Video #1 - NASA TV - NASA TV Media Player
Blogs: [Dansk blog frá Tucson, Arizona] [planetary.org] [Nice! #1]
portal.fo: [Article #1]

Neerdy stuff: Running Linux on a Windows PC.

[17-08-2007] It is possible to run linux on a Windows machine without a dual boot and all that comes with that. Just download Microsoft Virtual PC and install it. Then download a Linux CD (I've only tried Ubuntu / Kubuntu / Xubuntu) image, and follow the instructions on the below page (link).

An excelent How-to is here. - You just gotta love Ubuntu!

Windows XP shortcuts

Windows XP contains a lot of (mostly) unknown shortcuts and key kombinations. I have obtained a document with a lot of these listed, and am making them available here. Below is the first section of the list, and the full list (original) in HTML format is here.

Opens the Start menu
+ E Opens My Computer in Windows Explorer
+ Pause/Break Opens the System Properties dialog box
+ U Opens the Utility Manager
+ R Opens the Runů prompt
+ F Opens the Search for Files and Folder window
+ Ctrl + F Opens the search for computers on the network
+ M Minimize all windows
+ Shift + M Maximize all windows (after minimizing them)
+ D Minimize all windows to the desktop, and then restore all Windows
+ L Lock Computer

Help classify galxies

[13-07-07] Make a contribution to science. Help analyze galaxies at galaxyzoo.org.

Images from ECNS 2007.

[02-07-07] Images from ECNS 2007 (4th European Conference on Neutron Scattering). An entry about this event can be found in my blog here.

Images from my trip to Luzern (and Mt. Pilatus) in Switzerland.

[16-05-07] Images from Luzern (and Mt. Pilatus) in Switzerland.

Now, I also have a blog...

Visit my blog... her. I will be writing about a lot of stuff, but probably mostly about

Føroysk Skype umseting.

Ein føroysk skype umseting er á veg... Heinta fyribils umsetingina her ...

Myndir frá mínum túri í Sydney í Australia - Images from my trip to Sydney, Australia.

[06-01-06] Myndir úr Sydney í australia har eg var á konferancu.

[11-10-05] Livi og arbeiði í Sveits. Living and working in Switzerland

Eg eri í Sveits og arbeiði á PSI. Meðan eg eri her búgvi eg her. Tú kann ringja til mín við at klikkja her.
Eg var ein túr í Zurich leygardagin 15/10 og tók myndir. Sunnudagin 30/10 var eg ein túr runt í Brugg har eg búgvi og tók myndir. Eitt úrval av myndunum frá hesum báðum túrum sæst her. Ein uppdaterað myndafrásøgn frá PSI har eg arbeiði er her her.
I am currently working in Switzerland at the PSI. I live here. You can call me by clicking here.

[15-09-05] Spæli við Linux
[15-09-05] Playing with Linux

Eg spæli við Ubuntu Linux fyri tíðina, og eg havi tí gjørt ein líttla Linux síðu har tú kann lesa um mínar royndir við Linux.
I am current playing with Ubuntu Linux, and I have therefore created a small Linux page where you can about my experiences.

[07-09-05] Selected net-radio stations

Selcted netradio stations, also for Linux... here.


[28-08-05] Videoklipp av Jari sum spælir fysikari: #1 #2 #3 #4
[28-08-05] Myndir av Ólavsøkuni 2005
[13-06-05] Myndir úr Anglet í Frakaríki har eg var á skeið.
[27-05-05] Myndir av PSI har eg var og gjørdi eksperimetir.

[31-03-04] Jarisa stakkals bein

Røntgenmyndir av tí stakkals beinum hjá Jari: Mynd 1 & Mynd 2.

[31-12-04] Vígslumyndir

Myndir tiknar av vígsluni hjá Tórður Kruse Mørkøre og Rannvá Ragnarsdóttir t. 29-12-2004 í Havnar kirkju.

[31-12-04] Jólamyndir av Teiti

Myndir av Teiti, gudsoninum.

[01-10-04] Føroysk rættstaving

WebStav - ein føroyskur rættstavari á netinum. Tað er frítt at brúka hann.
Øll eru vælkomin at koma við uppskotum til betringar. Enn á royndarstøði!

MER á Mars

MER'arnir (Mars Exploration Rovers) Spirit og Opportunity koyra í løtuni runt á gongustørnuni Mars. Har hava teir funnið prógv fyri at Mars í fortíðini hevur haft flótandi vatn í longri tíðarskeið.
Undirritaði er partur av danska granskingar bólkinum (her) ið hevur instrumentir umborð.

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