The TI - 85 machine:

Press the drawing in order to increase!

It is possible to make a cable linking the Ti-85 or Ti-92 and a PC. With this cable it is possible to copy programs (which can be downloaded from the internet) from the PC to the Ti and vice versa. On this page you can find link to hompages with great help, but its also possible to mail a question to me. The stuff you need make make the cable is:

These are parts that cost approx. 10$.


Andreas Vestfeld's TI-85 page. Nick's Calculator Site.
Cal Home Page.


Calculates f(x). Calculates f(x,y)
draws 3D-graphs Calculates og draws integrals
Newton-Raphson in 1 dimension Calculates pH-virđir
Calculates polynomiums Calculates a table on y1
Calculates Taylor-polynomium All the programs in one.

Link - Software:

Link85xp (to parallelgate). Cal-link to TI-8x (seriel/parallel).
Linkprogram to TI­8x (seriel/parallel).

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